About Us

NovoTec is an industry leader for compliant, responsible CRT processing and leaded glass recycling. Conveniently located in Columbus, Ohio, we offer economical, full-service electronics recycling, specializing in CRT and non-CRT displays. Whether it’s a television, monitor, or terminal, Novotec ensures that your electronics are fully recycled in accordance with all state and federal rules and regulations. Novotec’s partnership with North America’s largest smelter means that all of your CRT glass is fully recycled and never stockpiled.

We offer services to large electronics recyclers; asset management companies; and state, county, and local waste management programs. Our excellence in customer service is unmatched in the industry.

NovoTec Recycling LLC Headquarters, Columbus Ohio:

Facility Address: 3960 Groves Rd, Columbus Ohio 43232

Facility Scope: Collection, demanufacture and recycling of CRT, LCD and Plasma Displays and Data Destruction

Centrally Located

NovoTec is conveniently located in Columbus, Ohio. The proximity of Columbus to major markets makes it one of the best locations in the country. We’re within a one-day drive by truck to 41% of the U.S. population and 29% of the Canadian population.



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