Why NovoTec

Compliance, Customer Service and Convenience

  • Fully documented downstream for 100% of all funnel glass generated from recycling of CRT material.
  • Fully documented downstream for all other non-lead glass materials and by-products .
  • Unparalleled Customer Service – we always respond immediately to all document requests and requests to schedule loads
  • Large capacity – we can handle whatever volumes you have
  • Convenient location – within a one day drive of over 41% of Us population and 29% of Canadian population


If you run a recycling or asset management operation or are representing a governmental agency then there are several key things that you need to consider before you commit to sending your CRT material to a downstream processor.

1) Follow the Funnel Glass
Under the current standards and regulations it is most important to have a clear understanding of what the company is doing with the funnel glass. They should be able to provide you with detailed information on the final disposition of the leaded glass. A name, address and contact information as well as copies of BOLs and copies of acknowledgments of receipt of the material.

Novotec provides all of its clients with detailed information on the smelter that processes their glass and has proof of consistent , regular shipments to the smelter as well as documents from the smelter acknowledging receipt of the material.

2) Can you ship all of your material without interruptions?
Many CRT processors can take in CRT TV and monitors for a short time and then stop shipments due to multiple reasons. Sometimes they have no more space, or other times the downstream that processes their funnel glass has cut off their ability to ship the funnel glass out.

Novotec operates a 200,000 SF facility with 18 docks. Our partnership with the best smelter in North America allows us to ship out funnel glass every week. Novotec will always schedule a requested shipment ( assuming the client is not delinquent on payment of previous loads).

Novotec sends all of its glass to a smelter and has done so since it opened in 2008.


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