TVS-300It’s 2016, do you know where your CRTs are?

Over the past two years four major CRT recyclers have gone out of business, leaving warehouses full of CRTs. When these warehouses are being cleaned, the EPA and state programs requiring e-waste to be recycled may call on the companies that approved the use of the non-compliant recycler to pay to clean these warehouses. That’s the risk of using a low-cost, non-compliant CRT recycler.

Protect yourself. Use NovoTec Recycling.

As a compliant CRT recycler, Novotec processes all incoming material quickly and continually ships funnel glass to our downstream smelter. Our clients never need to worry about whether or not their CRT program is compliant, or if they will get a call someday asking them to help pay to clean up a warehouse that contains material which was preciously included in a compliance report to a state program.

Expanded Processing Capacity

Novotec has extensive production capacity and can handle any quantity of monitors, TVs, or CRTs that you may have. We have secured additional capacity with our long time downstream smelter to handle all of the funnel glass produced at the Columbus facility.

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